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30 January, 2006

Sunday Seven for 1/29

Play along at Patrick's Weekender!

List up to seven sounds that make you happy or relax you.
  1. The "ooh ooh ooh" noise that Reyna's guinea pigs make when they're hungry
  2. Rain on the roof
  3. Wind chimes
  4. Milo purring
  5. The Daily Show theme song
  6. The time clock (clocking out, of course)
  7. Fanfare trumpets

gee...that's quite an eclectic mix, isn't it?

Saturday Six for 1/28

Play along at Patrick's Weekender!

1. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
That would be ME! Before me, it would probably be Ryan back in early '01.

2. How many jobs have you held in your life? How many of those were part of your chosen career field?
4 outside of my current employer, and 8 within my current employer. I can't say that I have a chosen career field, so I opt out of the second half of the question.

3. Of those, how many did you leave voluntarily?
All of them. :o)

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What animal were you in a past life?

You Were A Jaguar - A shapeshifter that understands the patterns of chaos.You are powerful and move without fear in dark places.

5. What animal were you expecting you'd be?
Some kind of small bird.

6. Time to pull this tactic again: Your turn to come up with a Reader's Choice Question. What question would you like to see asked in a future edition of "The Saturday Six?" (Don't answer it...just provide the question.)
I've been sitting here racking my brain, and I can't come up with anything good. How about, "what is your favorite article of clothing? is there a story behind it?"

25 January, 2006

Tuesday Two for 1/24

Play along at Patrick's Weekender!


QUESTION A:How do you feel about open casket viewings or visitations at funeral homes? Does it bother you to see the decedent or do you feel a more complete sense of closure from it?


QUESTION B:If you had a chance to come back long enough to see your own funeral (unseen by the visitors, of course) just to see and hear what was said about you, explain why you would or wouldn't take that chance.

I'm going to answer Question B this week. I don't think I would attend my own funeral. Funerals seem to be a chance for everyone to come together to say what a wonderful person you were. It could be a total ego trip, but I'd view it as a chance to see people saying things you don't really think are true. Besides, without me there to veto, there would probably be a lot of not-my-style contemporary Christian music. I'd hate to hear the soundtrack.

22 January, 2006

Saturday Six for 1/21

Play along at Patrick's Weekender!

1. Do any of your friends, family or co-workers know about your blogs? For those that do, did you tell them or have they stumbled upon it by themselves?
My blog certainly isn't hidden from the world. My family and friends are generally informed if I throw in a picture of them. I'm not public about it at work, since I say some crappy things about my co-workers (names changed to protect my @$$).

2. How did you come up with the title of your blogs?
The original blog, Jamilyn's Journal, had the most unimaginative title ever. The new blog, Adventures in Park Hopping, gives my anti-tourist rants and theme park talk a home. Of course, this one is called Quiz Me... because it's where I answer questions like this!

3. Do you prefer to have many projects going on at once or do you prefer multitasking?

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What high school stereotype are you?

5. What was the hardest thing to master when you were learning to drive?
Everything! I hated driving! My drivers' ed teacher dragged me out when the roads were slushed-over, on major roadways, during rush hour. Really -- I was *so* not ready to get behind the wheel. This may be why I didn't get a car until I was 22.

6. How well did you do with that one thing on your very first driver's exam?
I got a 92% on the written exam. Shame about the driving test. I got flustered and nervous and totally bombed parallel parking... and "speed control." I guess that's why I failed the first time.

18 January, 2006

Journal Jar #33

I found the Journal Jar last summer, but stopped after a while due to lack of new posts on the Journal Jar site. I'll try to eventually transfer my old journal jar entries over here, but believe me when I tell you that I have done 1-32 and also 70-94.

Question 33 - What political party comes closest to representing your own view? How do you feel about politics?

I'm a registered Democrat. I'm pretty liberal too. Every now and then, I can feel that dang southern conservative I live with rubbing off on me. And it just makes me feel dirty.

...but I'll never vote for a Bush. Unless it's a completely unrelated one.

Tuesday Two for 1/18

Play along at Patrick's Weekender!


QUESTION A:Not counting spam, have you ever deleted a comment to your blog, or can you imagine a situation besides spam in which you would? Would you feel bad about doing so?


QUESTION B:Is blogging truly a forum for discussion, or does it still boil down to being about what the individual writer wants it to be about? Why or why not?

I'll be going with Question A this week. Yes, I've deleted a comment. Someone (possibly an ex... possibly just some jerk-off) would write a snarky comment every time I pulled out my liberal soapbox. Snarky comments, while rude and inappropriate, aren't worth deleting. However, when someone tells me the would would be better if I were dead... I delete the comment. Without a morsel of guilt. And I also blocked the IP address from leaving any further comments.

...and I'm not answering the other question, but if I did, I would say that blogging is only a forum for discussion if that's what the writer wants. :o)

16 January, 2006

Sunday Seven for 1/15

Play along at Patrick's Weekender!

You can have fifteen minutes each with up to seven past presidents of the United States. You can ask them anything you like, and they are required to be honest in their answers. Which former presidents would you choose?
  1. Teddy Roosevelt
  2. Bill Clinton
  3. Franklin Roosevelt
  4. George W. Bush (truth? What's that?)
  5. George Washington
  6. John F. Kennedy
  7. Richard Nixon

15 January, 2006

Saturday Six for 1/14

Play along at Patrick's Weekender

1. Do you generally tend to be early, late or right on time?
I try to be early. I'm always early for work.

2. Did you belong to any clubs in high school? If so, which did you value the most?
Ha! Did I belong to any clubs? Here's the list: newspaper, color guard, choir, spring musical, national honor society, biology club (for one year), summer musical (for one year), peer leadership. Having been on the editorial board of the newspaper for three years, I'd like to say that I valued it the most. But the truth is I truly loved being in the choir. We were amazing, and I had some really great friends there.

3. Where was your favorite place to hang out when you were in high school? How often were you there and were you usually with friends or alone?
Umm...probably in the high school, in the music hallway. During marching band season, I'd stay after school to do newspaper, and then just hang out in the music hallway until our 7pm practice started. Those of us without cars spent a lot of time together there!

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What chess piece are you?

The Black King
You are comfortable letting a situation evolve, reacting to it, and exploiting the weakness of your enemy when he over-reaches. Your followers are loyal to you, and would gladly fall upon the sword of an advancing rook or queen for you, but you would rather use them to sneak in and suprise the enemy. You are content to let others do your dirty work, even your Queen.

5. When is the last time you played a board game and what game did you play? Did you win?
Scott and I played Trivial Pursuit. And I honestly can't remember who won. Which probably means I lost.

6. You're called to serve on a jury. Would you rather sit on a capital murder case, a personal injury case, a wrongful death suit or a drunk driving case, and why?
Last time I had jury duty, it was an abusive-guy-violating-the-restraining-order case. And, though I thought he was scummy and totally guilty, I thought the prosecutor did a piss-poor job proving his case. Of course, I was the alternate, so I didn't get to vote or even stay for the end. Bummer, huh? Anyway, that wasn't the question, was it? I wouldn't really want to sit on any of them. These are the kinds of cases where you have to look at poster-size pictures of dead bodies and severed limbs. No thank you!

11 January, 2006

Tuesday Two for 1/10

Play along at Patrick's Weekender. And remember: don't answer both questions!


QUESTION A: What sport do you most wish you could play professionally and why?

QUESTION B: What's the most exciting and least exciting sports to watch as a spectator?

Considering my sedentary lifestyle, I thought I'd break from the mold and answer question A. I wish I could be a professional ice skater. What could be better than gliding and spinning and flying through the air in a sparkly little dress?? I went ice skating... once. And I only fell once. I was thinking about going pro in the "skate around in circles" division. Of course, my knee swelled up and turned three shades of blue/green/purple, and my ankles hurt afterward, but it really was a lot of fun!

09 January, 2006

Sunday Seven for 1/8

Play along at Patrick's Weekender!

You're going to be trapped in an elevator with seven comedians for three hours. Choose seven famous laugh-makers, living or dead, that you'd most like to spend time with when they were in their prime.
  1. Jon Stewart
  2. Ellen DeGeneres
  3. Paula Poundstone
  4. Billy Crystal
  5. Rita Rudner
  6. Adam Sandler
  7. Steve Martin

...although I'd really just like to be trapped there with Jon Stewart only. (and no - it's not a sexual thing - I'd love to have a three-hour conversation with him)

08 January, 2006

Saturday Six for 1/7

Play along at Patrick's Weekender.

1. What is your most successful "home remedy" and how did you first hear about or discover it?
Airborne! That stuff works miracles! I heard about it from Oprah...and my mommy.

2. Do you ever use substitutes for food ingredients, like sugar or salt substitutes? If so, which do you use?
Well, yes and no. I don't use "sugar substitute" or "salt substitute," but I have made some interesting substitutions of my own... including using ranch dressing once in boxed mac n cheese instead of the milk & butter (it was really tasty...but I got food poisoning that night and was sick until dawn!). And now you know why Scott does 90% of the food prep in our household!

3. How often do you go to a mall or shopping center just to window shop, with no intention of actually buying anything?
Never! I hate to shop and only go when I absolutely have to.

4. How often in those trips do you actually end up buying something anyway?
see above. If I go into a store, it's rare that I leave without anything (except for Williams Sonoma... I have to go in and drool over the stand mixers and the creme brulee kit)

5. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What is your biggest social dysfunction?
Your Social Dysfunction: Normal
Being average in terms of how social you are, as well as the amount of self-esteem you have, you're pretty much normal. Good on you.

LOL...I can't remember the last time I was called normal. Thanks!

6. What possession would you most like to have by the end of 2006 that you did without in 2005?
A house! Although I may have to be content with the Cinderella Waffler that I'm getting on Monday. (it was delivered to the office today - I just have to go over there and pick it up)

07 January, 2006

The Geek Test

I'm 18% geek. Click on the button to take the geek test for yourself

i am a geek

04 January, 2006

Tuesday Two for 1/4

Play along at Patrick's Weekender... or in my comments section. Remember though: only answer one of the questions!


QUESTION A:If you could travel to your own future and see what has changed, what would you hope to see yourself doing ten years from now?


QUESTION B:What is the New Year's Resolution that you actually kept most successfully, and how long ago did you make it?

I'm totally going to answer Question B. One year when I was in High School (I'm thinking probably New Years of '94), I made the only resolution I actually kept for the whole year. I gave up eating mammal. I was going to give up meat, but thought that might be near-impossible because at the time I didn't really like any alternative sources of protein. So I basically gave up beef and pork, but still ate chicken and fish. I kept it up for the entire year, but didn't feel compelled to keep it up after that. So on New Years Day the next year when my dad made a big ol' pot of pork and sauerkraut, I had a big ol' plate of it. And boy was it delicious!!

03 January, 2006

Avast! There be pirates in this entry!

Actually, there not be pirates in this entry, because I'm not one. Darn it!

You're Norrington...
You're honest. You always try to do what you know is best. You can always put someone else's happiness before yours.

What charater from Pirates of the Carribbean are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

02 January, 2006

Sunday Seven for 1/1

Play along at Patrick's Weekender.

Don't think of them as Resolutions. Think of them as Goals or even just "Things You'd Like." But list up to seven things you hope to accomplish before 2006 draws to a close.
  1. Stay better in touch with friends and family (my only actual resolution)
  2. Buy a house...or at least have a significant chunk of money in savings toward that goal
  3. Get pregnant...or lose weight...or both, but not necessarily in that order!
  4. Establish a Primary Care doctor, visit the dentist, get new glasses, keep up my OB/GYN visits
  5. Back up my digital photos and last year's blog on CD for safe keeping
  6. Keep growing my hair until it's long enough to chop it off for Locks of Love (10")
  7. Not find any more white hairs sprouting from my scalp!

Saturday Six for 12/31

Play along at Patrick's Weekender.

1. From a financial standpoint, was 2005 a good year or a bad year for you? Do you expect 2006 to be better or worse?
I paid off my car in 2005. I'd say that was good. We were also able to handle $1800 in car repairs without going bankrupt. Considering Scott and I both got promotions in 2005, we should do even better in 2006...especially without those car payments!

2. What was your least favorite moment of 2005?
The entire cluster-f-and-a-half surrounding my transmission repair.

3. Did you lose anyone close to you in 2005? If so, who were they?
I didn't lose anyone to death. I lost a pretty good friend at work when she and I had philosophical differences - she thought she was the center of the earth, and I disagreed.

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What do you know about blogging?
I took it before, but can't find my response. This time I got 4/8.

5. Where were you when 2005 began? Where were you when 2005 ended?
Ooh - I have pictures for this one. I was in the same place -- working.

I think it's safe to say I'm happier having traded in my headset for a paper hat!

6. Did you make new year's resolutions for 2005? If so, how many did you keep?
I didn't make any...so I guess I didn't break any.